Information For Parents    

If your family relationship has broken down you are probably looking for ways to build a new life but ensure that contact with your children is maintained. Children are the most important people involved in the Contact Centre and we provide a fun, friendly, trusting and confidential environment for families to meet.

There are two types of Contact Centre, supported or supervised and ours is a supported Centre. If you decide to apply you can either :

•    contact a solicitor or family mediation services who will act on your behalf and make the necessary referral to us, or 

•    you can refer yourself to our Contact Centre. In this case …… forms below.

If you want to find out more about our Centre, you can call or email using the details below. You might like to visit the Centre when it is open on a Saturday morning, but you must make arrangements beforehand. Our welcome leaflet can be downloaded here.

Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times while at the Centre and no child may be left without a parent in attendance. The FAQs and To Remember pages contain a lot of useful information about the operation of the Centre.

Please note that there is limited access for people with disabilities and you should check with us first.

There may be a waiting list of families but we will endeavour to accommodate you as soon as places become available.

For supervised centres please see the NACCC website. 

Self Referring

Guidelines for Self Referral

Self Referral Form for Resident Parent

Self Referral Form for Non-resident Parent

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is still available for family mediation to eligible families and can include free solicitor help. To find a mediator you can use the ‘Find a Mediator’ area of the Ministry of Justice website ( or contact a local mediation service such as Harmony Mediation below. Legal Aid mediation is overseen by the Ministry of Justice along with the Legal Aid Agency.

Other organisations involved in Contact Centres

You might want to investigate these organisations which could provide you with professional support centred on the needs of your children.

Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) also offer a help and information for separating parents.

National Association of Child Contact Centres

Local Family Mediation Services
Watterson Associates Mediation - 07890 740601 or 01438 715563
St Albans, High Wycombe and Aylesbury:
Family Matters with Tony Bobroff Mediation - 07483 868044

Family Mediation Helpline
Enter your postcode and select ‘Children’ to find mediation services in your area.

The Law Society and use the ‘Find a solicitor' facility to find a local family law solicitor.

Eskinazi & Co (solicitors)
A specialist family practice operating in North London and also offering mediation services.

There is a longer list of useful organisations here.

Fun at our Christmas Party ….

Fun at our Christmas Party ….

From a dad...

I was shown into the hall... suddenly the boys came running to me, their arms open, both shouting DADDY, DADDY,
DADDY! Big hugs for each one. It was like a rugby scrum only for once I was crying. They had not forgotten me.