To Remember

Please remember...

• With young children, agree beforehand who is going to bring nappies, drink, etc.

• Please try to keep to the agreed times.

• Please ensure you are signed out when you leave the Centre.

• Please help to put away any toys before you leave.

• If the court order or agreed arrangements change, please bring any new paperwork.

• If you wish to bring food for your child/children, e.g. to celebrate a birthday, please let us know beforehand and we may suggest that you bring sufficient for all the children and have a small party.

• Please do not miss the session before Christmas as we arrange a small party with Father Christmas for the children. (We will remind you beforehand).


Are there any rules?

We do have rules as we must ensure that the interests of the children are paramount and that there is consideration and a safe environment for everyone.

A full set of Rules for Parents can be found here and the following represent some of the important ones.

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times while at the Centre. No child may be left without a parent in attendance.
  • There must be no arguing or disagreements in front of any of the children. Abusive or aggressive behaviour, racist or other offensive remarks will not be tolerated. Any person acting in such a way will be asked to leave. 
  • Please treat all information you see and hear at the Centre as confidential, we do!
  • Alcohol, drugs, or anyone under the influence of these will not be allowed onto the premises.
  • No smoking, no use of mobile phones and computers at the Centre.
  • Absence for 4 contact sessions without valid reason could result in your place being withdrawn.